Bob Reina Founded Talk Fusion As A Better Video Communication Platform

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In today’s world of fast paced messaging and technology driven activities, it is no surprise that a video communication company is the most visited direct selling website in the world. This website, according to the Alexa Rating System, is Talk Fusion. This company is great to work with because they are reliable, their services are affordable, and they provide an incredible services that cannot be matched. Also, their CEO is a great man whom we will discuss at the end of this post.

More About Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion has seven services to offer their customers. They are constantly updating their website, services and packages to provide the most comprehensive products and services to their clients. They offer video communication services, video conferencing, video email, webinar services and other video related marketing services.

Talk Fusion currently has 200,000 distributors of their products that live in 114 countries around the world, so it is easy to see that Talk Fusion is growing quickly. They actually had to open up an office in India to deal with the high demand for their products and services.

Understanding How Talk Fusion Started

The company wasn’t founded by accident. In fact, the CEO, Bob Reina, had a special vision for it long before he founded it. He actually left his full time job as a police officer in Tampa to pursue his career in direct selling when he had the same type of vision. When he started doing direct selling as a full time career he found himself quickly rising to the top percentile of all earners in many of the companies that he joined.

He found time to start his own company. That company was Cash Card Worldwide, and Bob gladly served as their president. It was his vision for a better video communication platform that brought others to his network. Bob Reina knew that it was possible for our technology to be used in a way that connects us closer to one another. He was right. In 2007, Bob Reina founded Talk Fusion, and the rest is history.