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Last week, when I celebrated the Random Act Of Kindness week, I found that it was helpful to others, and I felt good because I was expressing myself. I always have these feelings to do good deeds for others in my daily life. However, I don’t always make the actual, conscious effort to do these good deeds. When I heard about the Random Acts Of Kindness Week, I knew it would be a great opportunity to show the world what I had been feeling. Society has enjoyed what I have shown to them because it has been kind and loving. People like to have a random, kind experience when they least expect it.

Skout was probably the reason that I celebrated this Random Act Of Kindness Week this year. I had never heard of the celebration until I took their survey. They surveyed 2,700 college students that use their online social media application. Then, the results were published on Uloop’s website.

Kind Habits

One of the survey questions asked if the individual had ever been involved in a random act of kindness. The result to this question was really high. It turns out that 93 percent of the users who were questioned on Skout’s site had answered “Yes.” I was in this group because I had been involved in a random act of kindness that I committed a few years ago. I’m surprised that I could remember it so easily. I don’t usually do these sort of things, but I guess it was something that always stayed with me. It was such a good feeling to change that woman’s day a few years ago.

After I remembered how that felt, I had no problem engaging in this week of celebrating kindness. I really enjoyed spreading joy to others. Another one of the questions on the survey asked if you do random kind acts on a regular basis. Like I said earlier, I don’t usually do these things, so I answered “No.” 51 percent of Skout’s survey group answered “Yes.”

Skout is a great way to meet people. I met so many friendly people online through their platform. These people are from all over the world. Skout is probably the easiest way I have found to make friends online and in real life. I even met a some cute girls on Skout’s site. Read Uloop’s article here: