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Mr. Bruce Levenson most famously known as the former NBA owner or to his nuclear family as a husband and father of these. Mr. Levenson is an American icon putting into great regard his lengthy achievements in his founding, ownership and co-ownership in different major domains of practice. His contributions to his and the American community at large are quite remarkable ranging from his developments to his charity work throughout his lifetime.

Mr. Bruce Levenson who is a law graduate from the American University after attending the Washington University in St Louis. Mr. Levenson also had an interest in journalism which directed him to partially pursue a journalism career by writing for the Washington Star and Observer Publishing.

His career elevated when Mr. Levenson co-founded the United Communications Group alongside Ed Peskowitz in 1977. The company better known with its abbreviation UCG initially entailed a focus on the developments of the oil industry, which it used to launch databases that included oil price information. It is now a privately owned business information company that specializes in data, news and analysis for healthcare, banking, mortgage and technology among other industries. A company formed in Mr. Levenson’s apartment by both these individuals by publishing newsletters. Still after twenty seven years as co-founder and partner in ownership, Mr. Levenson has been consistent in the company’s business as well as assisting in its acquisition efforts.

Continuing in his trail of achievements with his partner alongside him Mr. Levenson and Ed Peskowitz are major partners in the ownership of Atlanta Spirit LLC now known to be the Atlanta Hawks LLC. Levenson and his partner purchased the professional basketball team together with some business men. Mr. Levenson also partners with Danny Ferry a former player of the Cleveland Cavaliers of whom he appointed as the teams head manager. Being still on the sports domain Mr. Levenson is a member of the NBA board of governors, a well-known skill of his being that he has also served as board of directors for the Newsletter and Electronic Publishers Association.

Forbes billionaire Mr. Levenson is also well known for his charitable deeds as a philanthropist giving back to society in more ways than one. Mr. Levenson has actively participated in a number of philanthropic organizations such as the Community Foundation Organization of Washington, Hoop Dream Foundation and not to forget his donation in the U.S Holocaust Museum, which also has a museums teaching program funded by Mr. Levenson himself. His most famously known philanthropic work howey is his I have a dream Foundation of Washington which he is the president of. The organization specializes in helping children raised in low income families acquire higher education. This are just the most talked about philanthropic activities by Mr. Levenson given that they cannot all be fitted into a single read.