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Beneful Tastes Great To Dogs And Is Nutritious

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What is the point of having a dog if you aren’t going to take good care of it? We like to run and play. We like to go on adventures together. We have a special regime and routine that we follow, and part of that routine is giving my dog the healthy and nutritious foods that she deserves. A dog needs a healthy diet. If the dog doesn’t get the nutrients to lead a healthy life, then the dog will be a lazy bag of bones, fur and flab. The cheap dog foods just don’t cut it because they leave your dog with low energy.

Premium dog food companies are conscious about what they put in their dog foods. They are always giving their ingredients a lot of attention, which makes me feel like I can trust the premium brands more easily. I like to feed my dog Purina Beneful. I have done a lot of research on different types of dog foods on the market because there are so many dog foods out there, and I want to make an educated decision on buying what my dog needs to eat.

My dog likes the taste of Beneful, which makes me happy to see. I am doing a responsible thing by buying that brand for her, and she likes the flavors that are in her foods. Premium brands of dog food have taste testers to make sure that the flavors are good in their products. My dog loves the flavor of the Beneful Chopped Blends that I buy her. She likes a few of the types of Chopped Blends, but her favorite is the kind with beef and vegetables. It has real beef in it, not the imitation or beef flavorings that cheap brands try to coin off on people. Beneful rules!



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Mr. Bruce Levenson most famously known as the former NBA owner or to his nuclear family as a husband and father of these. Mr. Levenson is an American icon putting into great regard his lengthy achievements in his founding, ownership and co-ownership in different major domains of practice. His contributions to his and the American community at large are quite remarkable ranging from his developments to his charity work throughout his lifetime.

Mr. Bruce Levenson who is a law graduate from the American University after attending the Washington University in St Louis. Mr. Levenson also had an interest in journalism which directed him to partially pursue a journalism career by writing for the Washington Star and Observer Publishing.

His career elevated when Mr. Levenson co-founded the United Communications Group alongside Ed Peskowitz in 1977. The company better known with its abbreviation UCG initially entailed a focus on the developments of the oil industry, which it used to launch databases that included oil price information. It is now a privately owned business information company that specializes in data, news and analysis for healthcare, banking, mortgage and technology among other industries. A company formed in Mr. Levenson’s apartment by both these individuals by publishing newsletters. Still after twenty seven years as co-founder and partner in ownership, Mr. Levenson has been consistent in the company’s business as well as assisting in its acquisition efforts.

Continuing in his trail of achievements with his partner alongside him Mr. Levenson and Ed Peskowitz are major partners in the ownership of Atlanta Spirit LLC now known to be the Atlanta Hawks LLC. Levenson and his partner purchased the professional basketball team together with some business men. Mr. Levenson also partners with Danny Ferry a former player of the Cleveland Cavaliers of whom he appointed as the teams head manager. Being still on the sports domain Mr. Levenson is a member of the NBA board of governors, a well-known skill of his being that he has also served as board of directors for the Newsletter and Electronic Publishers Association.

Forbes billionaire Mr. Levenson is also well known for his charitable deeds as a philanthropist giving back to society in more ways than one. Mr. Levenson has actively participated in a number of philanthropic organizations such as the Community Foundation Organization of Washington, Hoop Dream Foundation and not to forget his donation in the U.S Holocaust Museum, which also has a museums teaching program funded by Mr. Levenson himself. His most famously known philanthropic work howey is his I have a dream Foundation of Washington which he is the president of. The organization specializes in helping children raised in low income families acquire higher education. This are just the most talked about philanthropic activities by Mr. Levenson given that they cannot all be fitted into a single read.


Eucatex Is The Leader Of Brazilian Development Plans

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Eucatex is the foremost construction supply firm in Brazil, and the company has participated in many of the greatest building projects in the country’s history. Brazil has built multiple soccer stadiums over the past few years, and the country is building venues for the upcoming Olympics. Businesses are moving into Brazil to provide more commerce, and Eucatex is at the heart of it all. The company is led by a member of the family in Flavio Maluf who is uniquely qualified to lead, and this article explains how Flavio is using his business experience to make Eucatex a more viable development partner for Brazil.

#1: Flavio’s Education

LinkedIn indicates that Flavio has an engineering degree that he uses every day in his work. He works with the people who make Eucatex products, and he understands how each product is manufactured in one of their plants. The family business is much stronger because of Flavio’s leadership, and he has the expertise necessary to streamline the company’s operations. Eucatex is making more money every yer because of savings created by Flavio himself and he’s passed on those secrets to up and coming entrepreneurs.

#2: Flavio’s Business Background

Wikipedia indicates that Flavio did not come back to the family business immediately after graduating from university. He worked with some of the largest banks in the country to learn about business management, and he uses his experience from banks in Brazil to help Eucatex save money, and his business acumen is far greater than other people in his industry. Construction supplies have a high profit margin, and Flavio wants to keep the profit margin as high as possible.

#3: Eucatex Can Be Found Anywhere

Eucatex products can be found in many places in Brazil. The Eucatex banner is flown at large construction sites where their paints and parts are in use, and the company’s products are sold in retail stores across the country, and Flavio plans to expand his company’s operations to other parts of the world. Everyone will see Eucatex products in use during the Olympics, and Flavio wants to parlay that exposure into massive profits for his company.

#4: The Family Aspect

Many large companies in Brazil are still family businesses, and Flavio Maluf is continuing the family tradition that was set by his predecessors. The company is seeing its profits rise every year, and Flavio is planning to release new products that will make Eucatex more relevant after the Olympics are over. Brazilian development will continue after the Olympics, and Eucatex will be there to help.

One of the most storied and successful companies in the history of Brazil is Eucatex. Their leader Flavio Maluf is helping the company progress into the 21st Century, and he has streamlined operations while improving their retail opportunities all over the world.

Drakes Gets Super Bowl Spot

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When Drake released this hugely popular hit song “Hotline Bling” there was a lot of chatter about this reggae soaked R&B hit. It didn’t quite come out in the summer of 2015, but it appears to be a summer styled jam that will probably carryover into summer 2016.

A bevy of people got kicks out of the bazaar dancing of Drake in the video for the song, and many parities would soon follow, says Jon Urbana, a great music artist in his own right. There was even a Saturday Night Live skit about this video. Many people decided to laugh and chuckle it up, but it appears that Drake will be having the last laugh. The popularity of this song has actually landed Drake a Super Bowl commercial spot with T-Mobile.

This is huge news for someone like Drake that was already dominant and pop and rap culture because it still expands the audience. Millions of people have seen the video and heard the song, but there still are a lot of football fans that have never heard of Drake. Now he gets a chance to add a twist to the song and possibly gain even more sales of this single.

This mat be another lucrative deal that comes in addition to the great deal he had in 2015 with Apple Radio. Apple is currently paying Drake to be a DJ in order to bring some much-needed hype to the new Apple Radio show format.

Skout Helps The Hopeless Romantic

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For the longest time to Internet has become something that has given many users a greater level of convenience. People are using this to shopping online because it allows them to buy things without getting dressed. The music world has also become something that has been taken over by the Internet. The web streaming and online purchases of music makes it possible for people to build their collection without leaving home. Skout is another part of the online atmosphere that is going to make it much easier for people to do something else: dating.

A lot more people are going to be able to start dating online because there are apps like Skout that allow people to actually meet other singles for free. There have always been dating websites, but many people assume that it would cost too much to subscribe to these premium websites and apps. Most people prefer the free method of meeting people in bars and clubs.

Skout is managing to thrive a lot in 2016 because it is an app that is still fairly new. A lot of people know about it because there are more than 1 million registered users. It is still considered a new app, however, because there are other apps like Facebook that have a billion users. There will be lots of people that are still discovering this site and it is going to be easier for the registered single users to interact with new people.

Statistics show that many people that are single are not going to do a whole lot of searching for a mate during holidays like Thanksgiving or Christmas. People that are single and in search of Cupid will spin all of their time trying to get a romantic link started during the month of February. This is the time when everyone wants to be in love. It is a special time of year for the hopeless romantic.

Everyone wants to feel special on Valentine’s Day and singles want to have a chance to go out on dates. Skout is one of those apps that allows you to plug into other single people that are in your local area. This is one way that this app is much different from a lot of other apps that are on the market. That allows a lot of people to meet someone new without spending a lot of time trying to find out who is single and who has already been taken.

This is often the biggest dilemma that people face when they are trying to find someone on their own. When they are physically out and searching for other singles it may be difficult to find out who is married and who is single. By using an app like Skout single people can avoid a lot of embarrassment and also save a lot of their time. They can check the status of other people that are single and make better decisions based on the information that the registered users provide.

Reinventing Dog Food Leads to Profit Gains

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With estimated billions spent annually to house, feed and care for their pets, Americans are always on the lookout for the newest thing their pets will need to increase their quality of life. One of the things pet owners spend the most on, and want the best of, is food. Richard Thompson, CEO of Freshpet Inc., based out of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, recently opened the doors of their factory to show off the making process of their refrigerated dog food, the only industrial brand on the market that does so. With a combination of organic meats and vegetables in their mix, manufacturing chief, Michael Hieger, during a tour of the facilities, proudly ate a slice of the dog food as a show of confidence in its quality. That may seem like a gimmick devised to attract attention to the company’s claim of purity, but Freshpet claims it’s only the truth. Upwards of $23 billion is spent annually on Amazon solely on the production and innovation of pet food. This includes brands from companies like Colgate-Palmolive, which few would expect would be producing pet food, and make claims such as weight loss, optimum nutrition standards, and even “farm to table” ingredients that boast organic quality. Thompson sees this innovation in the market as the future of pet food, with owners and producers wanting to provide products in this vein of thinking, providing food that’s a little closer to what owners would eat. Beneful likely sums this up most succinctly by offering dog food styled after traditional dishes like lasagna and beef stroganoff. Odd as it may seem at first glance, the idea that owners would want their pets to eat like they do, is a winning strategy for the companies that sell these foodstuffs. Particularly for producers of dog food like Beneful. Since 2009, Beneful dog food sales alone have jumped 45% to reach $10.5 billion. Companies like Blue Buffalo, one of the first to market the organic style of pet food, is expected to reach a billion dollars in sales this year. Analysts on Wall Street seem to think the success of this is in line with health trends across the country, which more and more people seem to be leaning towards. Thompson sees that as a recipe for success in 2016.