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The Zika Virus as Explained by Dr. Sergio Cortes .

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The Zika virus arrived in Brazil and was first detected in May of 2015 reported by NPR. There are already over half a million cases reported in Brazil alone. The Zika virus has now spread to 12 countries including the United States. The United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention has placed a travel warning to pregnant women instructing them to avoid traveling to these countries like Brazil where the virus is now prevalent.

What is happening now and Latin America is extremely frightening according to Officials in Brazil and Colombia have actually gone to the extraordinary step of asking women not get pregnant at this time. Dr. Cortes explains that the Zika virus has been linked to Microcephaly and babies that were born to women who were infected with the Zika Virus. Dr Sergio also believes that Guillain-Barré syndrome may be linked to the virus as well. There needs to be a lot more research done on the relationship between Guillain-Barré syndrome and the Zika virus. Dr. Cortes also wants to gain a better understanding of how exactly the fetus is becoming infected within the womb. The Brazilian government has ordered the Brazilian Ministry of Health to try and find a vaccine and certain monies have been allocated for the project.

Dr. Sergio Cortes and the Ministry of Health of Brazil have warned pregnant women and those women that are planning to become pregnant outside activities cautiously and wear long sleeves clothing so as to keep their skin covered. Mosquito netting and the use of insect repellents is also advocate by Dr. Sergio Cortes at this time.
Dr. Sergio Cortes was recently quoted in where he was explaining the difference between a the 3 types of viruses that you can now catch in Brazil from one specific type of mosquito. The Aedes aegypti mosquito is the culprit. This mosquito has the ability to spread virus like wildfire. The same mosquito also carries a Dengue Fever and also the chikungunya fever. Dr. Cortes says that the Chikungunya fever is a dengue disease caused by the Chikungunya virus. In September of 2o14 the transmission of these diseases that occur in endemic areas were brought back by Brazilians that had traveled there. Dr. Sergio Cortes says it is not lethal it will inflame the joints and can leave the patient with a crooked walk.
The Aedes aegypti mosquito is spreading these diseases and everyone especially pregnant women need to act in a preventive fashion. Dr. Sergio Cortes points out that even a small bottle cap left with water standing can become a breeding ground for this type of mosquito.

Dr. Cortes tells that us about the symptoms that a patient can expect if he or she is infected with the Zika virus. Most of the symptoms are not very aggressive last only 3 to 7 days without medical treatment. Common symptoms are sore muscles, fever and rashes.

George Soros And The Book Burning

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George Soros is a billionaire known for his predictions and countless years of being in the financial investment industry. The latest news on him is when a college located right in Northern Russia burned around 53 books that were linked to a charity funded by George himself. This happened about a few weeks afte that specific organization was banned for having some kind of security threat by the Russian authorities. According to a CNBC article, all the books were related to the renewal of Humanitarian Education. People found that more than 427 books were found that have been shredded.

This became a huge problem for Soros and the people who supported Soros simply because of the fact that Soros has invested and funded many companies and programs. This has become a huge problem for many people, and the truth is that this security threat that is simply a potential threat is something you don’t want to be aware of. Many people are judging Soros for being a part of organizations that aren’t entirely safe. The OSF got into trouble originally when the Russian government back in July 2015 when it explained that the foundations from other countries could potentially accuse future problems.

Most known for his work in these Soros Fund Management, he has found and discovered that the OSF Network helped countries transition. The charity also focused on funds projects to help create better democracy building across the globe.

George Soros is known for his work and success over the years. Despite this single mishap, many people aren’t judging him too harshly because of the fact that he does have multiple foundations across the world that are highly benefiting the Democratic Party and those struggling in life.

This charity threat as being something that a nan ruin their security is basically Russia possibly taking their security too far. Many people believe that George was simply a part of a charity that had no bad intentions. Only time will tell before the Democratic Party and anybody who supports Soros to come up with future proof that Soros is a professional investor who understands what is happening. What most people don’t realize about Soros is that this charity he supported is still under a huge amount of research, and it clearly is not entirely a security threat until is proven to be. Soros is a very professional investor who strives to provide charities with as much funding as possible.

Men’s Fashion Trends just go a little less expensive

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According to a Bloomberg article many people are cutting out the middleman in order to make more money and make customers happier. Throughout the years, some companies have started online businesses and have figured out that certain middlemen could be excluded from their business process. Online companies that sell mattresses, apparel, razors, and even eye glasses have found much financial success by removing middlemen. About three years ago some innovative individuals felt that they could do the same with shoes.

Two friends, Ariel Nelson and Lane Gerson, came up with a plan that would allow them to remove the middle man from the sale of fancy footwear. Their plan included starting their own e-commerce business called Jack Erwin that would offer fancy footwear at an unbelievable low cost of about $200. They were convinced that their idea would work because the cost of fancy footwear included a markup of about $350, making them to be priced at about $500. With their website, the two planned to spend $100 to make the fancy footwear and then sell them at approximately $200 per shoe.

The idea sounded great but when the business was started the two friends, learned that the italian shoe business isn’t easy business. The business of fancy footwear includes many complex steps that the two were not ready for. Thankfully, they were able to recruit the assistance of a professional. With help of the professional the friends were able to land their first production order of 2,500 pairs of fancy shoes. Their first production order was funded with $275,000 from friends and families. The Jack Erwin’s shoe sold out quickly when they were released in October of 2013.

The success of Jack Erwin’s led to more orders being placed and the owners figuring out more middlemen to cut from the shoe manufacturing equation. Their removal of certain middlemen helped the company to become even more successful and helped to raise the quality of shoe that they sell.

Jack Erwin’s is not the only shoe company that is available online. Paul Evans is also a brand that is available online at nice prices. Paul Evans sells fancy men shoes of high quality.

Paul Evans was started in order to provide the buyer with a different and more satisfying shopping experience. With the help of Paul Evan, shoppers are able to purchase shoes that are created in Italy by skilled artisans. These artisans help to provide a comfortable shoe to shoppers that is both stylish and of high quality.

Luxury Real Estate in New York Reaches New Heights

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The New York City apartments for rent industry is celebrating the new year with fond memories of 2015, which has broken all previously held records for property sales in the city. As more information is released on the properties bought and sold in the city, it is becoming more clear that luxury is the name of the game.

The New York Times reported earlier this month that the real estate business in New York saw a burst of activity, with luxury townhouses, condos, duplexes and triplexes shattering every known record, culminating in the stunning official closing price on a $100.47 million penthouse at One57. While the known sales of property in all five boroughs are shocking, it is likely to be overshadowed in the coming year, with construction set to finish at various billionaire buildings that will add to the city’s skyline.

TOWN Residential, the foremost real estate firm operating in New York City, has been behind many of the priciest acquisitions. This comes as no shock because the five-year-old firm, founded by CEO Andrew Heiberger, has built a reputation for working in both residential and commercial properties, working in every aspect of the real estate business.

TOWN Residential deals exclusively in the acquisition, leasing, and sales of luxury condos, apartments, townhouses, and penthouses for the elite that call New York City home. Their current listings are all in the millions, with some as high as $20 million, cementing their reputation as the first and last stop for luxury residences in the city.

The New York Times article highlights some of the biggest sales within the city, including acquisitions by the Billionaire Leonard Blavatnik, singer Paul McCartney, while also listing some estates that were bought by unknown buyers at press time. While penthouses and duplexes in some of the newly constructed buildings along the river and by Central Park are seen as the ultimate purchases, the Times also reports that in the real estate market, townhouses are seen as bargains for the wealthy, but not the rich.

While 2015 was a banner year for the luxury real estate market, TOWN Residential CEO has made it clear in his company’s Aggregate report that 2016 sets to surpass 2015 in terms of real estate purchases. The next report from TOWN Residential, set to be released in April, will give the biggest hints of what to expect this year.