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The Merger of Visual Search and AI for Online Retailers

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A groundbreaking experiment is happening between deep learning AI jsoftware and of all things…progressing the ability to search and shop online with visual recognition software. Deep learning is that branch of science where computers learn to process high level abstract ideas with the help of a lot of complex algorithms (a sequence of instructions). Pinterest, first of all is using a new visual search tool that allows its users to draw a box around an image and perform a retail based search of similar or exact match products across the internet. is also testing a technology that uses a “visual filter” to drill down from an initial selection of boots, to eventually present the exact style and color boot that the shopper was looking for. This takes that drop-down text box out of the equation, and everything is done visually.

This technology is not new since SlyceIt, a company that specializes in the development of visual search engine platforms for e-retailer and the end user has been successfully matching consumer visual search to billions of online products. Slyce Co-Founder, Cameron Chell, a serial entrepreneur who established one of the first cloud computing companies in the 1990’s is not new to innovative thinking. Their visual search technology is as simple as a consumer taking a snap of a barcode, a 2D image or a real life snapshot of a product; the image is processed and analyzed and returns a similar or exact match from the retailer’s product line. CEO Roger Hardy is already singing praises as he definitely feels that the visual filter has already increased sales. Plans are to expand its use from its line of boots to more product lines. As for Pinterest, Kevin Jing, head of its visual search department, admits that there is room for improvement but the technology is already changing the way people shop online, and will continue in the future. Major retailers using the Slyce visual search platform include Home Depot, Neimann Marcus and JCPenney.

Consumers are always looking for ways to make their lives easier and simplier, and Slyce has found a way to do just that. Especially for the fashion apparel consumer, the ability to take an image of an entire outfit and have the option to buy the complete look, is a dream come true. In the past, the best a fashionista could do was to approximate the look. Now she or he can have the entire outfit, from head to toe. This is a dream for the fashion savvy.

Coriant appoints Shaygan Kheradpir to lead operations in the company

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Coriant Company that was formed by the Merlin Equity Partners, a global investment firm, is a great supplier of innovative networking solutions. Recently the company has extended its services to leading network operators in over a 100 countries.

Coriant was formed by the strong merge between Nokia Siemens optical networks, Tellabs and Sycamore Networks businesses. Based on an over 35 years of technology innovations it has been renown for offering the best packet optical transport.

The company has so far attracted a vast line of customers. These include; cloud providers, large enterprises, government agencies and the nine top 10 global Tier 1 communications Service Providers.

In a recent press release, link:, Shaygan Kheradpir was appointed the new Coriant CEO. Shaygan came in to succeed the former president Mr. DiPietro. Mr. DiPietro later on became the vice chairman at Coriant and transitioned back to his position as an operating partner at Merlin Equity Partners.

Shaygan Kheradpir who has gained much of executive industry, business and operational experience, is expected to lead Coriant to the next level of growth. His skills will be vital in intensifying data application in the growing market. These include long haul transport deployments, mobile back-haul upgrades centered on the evolution of 4G and 5G and big scale data-center and cloud infrastructure build outs.

Shaygan has been in the business and technology service field for 28 years. He then has gained much experience working with telecom, technology and financial service industries. Shaygan acquired his bachelors, masters and PhD from Cornell University where he was also in the Cornell University Engineering Council.

He began his career at GTE Corporation. Later on Shaygan, as a chief operations and technology officer joined Barclays Bank. At one time, he also served as a CEO at Juniper Networks where he worked for the development of operating plan for the company. Prior to his new position as Coriant CEO, he worked with the senior management team at Coriant where he got to familiarize himself with the ongoing processes at Coriant. With his guidance and insights, Shaygan is expected to lead operational execution at Coriant and lead the company to the next level.

The Real Deal With New York Real Estate

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New York is one of the most coveted places on earth to live. There are many different reasons why this state has some of the most coveted real estate in the world. When it comes to culture, jobs, lifestyle, and many more aspects there is a general understanding between many individuals that New York is the place to be. There are few places like New York when it comes to the arts and entertainment. The real estate market is booming in New York due to this great demand for living in such an amazing city.

The Real Deal has reported that billions of dollars have been circulating in sales of real estate. This is due to companies that are really moving the industry forward with new developments in New York. The Town Real Estate is an example of a company just like this who is bringing luxury living to individuals in New York in many different areas.

The management of The Town Real Estate is comprised of seasoned professionals who have created great success for themselves in the world of real estate. These individuals came together to create a real estate company that provides great options for those who are looking for housing in the New York city areas. The team of sales professionals have come together with design professionals to create buying and leasing options that will fit the style of just about any modern day individual who is looking for high-class housing. Town Real Estate is moving forward to become one of the most well known and trusted real estate companies in the New York market.