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Andy Wirth and the New Gondola

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Powder Magazine reports that in 2011, the owners of the Squaw Valley ski resort, bought their immediate neighbor, Alpine Meadows ski resort. Although the two resorts have been unified since that time, skiers still have to drive from one resort entrance to the other. That will soon be changing. The management of the resorts have announced that they will be building a gondola atop a shared mountaintop which will make it unnecessary to make the drive from one to the other. The gondola will actually begin in Squaw Valley, ascend the mountain, and come down on the other side in Alpine Meadows.

This does not come as much of a surprise to many faithful skiers since the possibility has been talked about for years. Much of this talk has come from Squaw Valley CEO Andy Wirth. And the idea first originated from Squaw Valley founder, Wayne Poulsen.

The most faithful skiers are very hopeful that the gondola becomes reality. It will provide them with 6,000 acres of easily accessible space. It is largely thanks to the hard work and determination of Andy Wirth that the gondola came about at all. Not surprising since Wirth has been a leader in the field since the 80s. To date, he has been involved with the resort and hotel industry for over 25 years. He first entered the resort business in 1986 with the Steamboat Springs Resort. It was not until 2010 that Wirth joined the Squaw Valley team.

Wirth’s entire career has been riddled with honors, awards, and critical praise. In 2013, his life and career can to a screeching halt after his arm was completely severed during a skydiving accident. The doctors were able to reattach his arm, but the recuperation took months. But this did not get him down for long. He got back into the swing of things and is today better than ever.