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Greg had done his research and noticed that several individuals struggled a lot in order to begin their trading career. He realized for one to start trade with ease, you do not require a lot of education. He mentions that his aim was to make many people familiar with the trading tool, especially with foreign trading industries. This, according to him would give the people a chance to improve their life status.

Making money is not difficult according to Secker. For one to earn money, you should simply know when to invest and how. Greg reveals that platforms such as Learn to Trade made him decide to leave the corporate world and trade at home when he was at the age of twenty-seven. He became so good at trading at home that he started teaching his family members and friends how to do as he did at the Forex market.

Greg mentioned that it does not take a long period to start making a huge profit. It took him between the first three to six months to earn a decent profit. As a smart entrepreneur, you should increase the first capital, and you will start receiving larger profits.

Anybody venturing in the trading career is born to face challenges, but you must be strong and not give up. You should instead look at where you went wrong and come with solutions. Being a productive and successful entrepreneur requires you to be a good listener and comprehend new ideas that you get from a different individual. You should also be positive and risk taking.

Greg Secker’s educational background

Greg Secker was born on February eighteenth nineteen seventy-five. He is an entrepreneur, an international speaker, a master trader, and a philanthropist. He founded the Knowledge to Action Group in two thousand and three. Greg came from a humble background. His first job was at Thomas Cook Financial Services where he came up with the foreign exchange trading systems. He then created ‘’The Virtual Trading Desk.’’

Greg also served as the VP of Mellon Financial Corporation; an investment bank found in the US. This position was very beneficial to Secker as it enabled him to travel and experience international trading centers. Greg used his vast knowledge to open his Learn to Trade in three months.

Desiree Perez To Play An Important Role In The Next Roc Nation Music Deal

The deal struck by Jay-Z’s Roc Nation record label and the Live Nation group will come to a close in 2018 with both sides being given the option to continue with the deal or to sell their stake in the record label to the other party. The other option Live Nation has is to step away from the $150 million deal it struck for ten years in 2008 and reduce its involvement in the recorded music industry; Live Nation is expected to take the third option and step away from the record label while maintaining its stake in the touring side of the company.  Read more on pagesix.com.

Jay-Z and his trusted advisor Desiree Perez have already made their first attempts to build interest in the recorded music side of Roc Nation with meetings beginning with the Universal Music Group in 2017. More to read on prettymanprettyman.com.

Any possible interest in Roc Nation taken by UMG would add to the distribution deal already established between the two music companies leading to the Universal brand holding a large stake in the artists already on the books of Roc Nation, including Desiree Perez’s own close associate Rihanna.  Read her blogs and her timeline activities, check linkedin.com.

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Desiree Perez has been a close confidante of Jay-Z and the management of Roc Nation for around 20 years as the company has moved to become one of the biggest record labels in the world. Perez can count herself as one of the leading figures in the management team of Roc Nation, which operates as a collective overseeing every aspect of the record label from accounting through to publishing rights; Desiree Perez has been instrumental in the development of the career of singer and actress Rihanna as she was the key negotiator in the recently signed deal linking Rihanna to electronics giant Samsung.  Added info on imdb.com

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Who is Jason Hope?

Jason Hope has many titles, entrepreneur, philanthropist and investor. He also holds the title of futurist. What is a futurist you might ask? A futurist, simply put; refers to a person who tries to predict the future of a given trend or even a genre. They study what is happening and make predictions on where that industry will be in the future. Jason Hope world renowned for his love of tech.

He started his career with the creation of JAWA, a mobile communications company. In addition to being a successful entrepreneur, Mr. Hope gives back by focusing on education as well as investing in research that is designed to combat prominent diseases. He also strongly supports the Arizona public school system and maintains a great relationship with his hometown’s educational system. HE provides grants up to $5,000 by way of supporting local students’ research and start- up plans. This is done via an online submitting process where students can upload their research plans in order to get funding to launch they projects or start up ideas.

Jason has also worked with several groups such as the Boys & Girls Club in Arizona, the Tony Hawk Foundation and the Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation. Merging his titles of futurist, philanthropy and investor, Jason joined forces with the research organization Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence Research Foundation or SENS. The main focus of research done here is geared towards fighting the aging process. The way the company is attempting to do this is by taking a preventative route and attempting to stop diseases before they even begin. Jason also has an interest in politics, specifically relating to business dealings within his home state of Arizona. More can be learned about this fascinating individual via his website, jasonhope.com,which is also where students can submit their ideas for possible grants and start up funding.

To know more visit @: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SENS_Research_Foundation

Desiree Perez

Desiree Perez’s Influence in the Entertainment Industry

So many people love and follow Jay-Z, Rihanna and sports men like Bryant. We are very appreciative of their talent and have mad respect for them. However, no one ever stops to think of the people behind their success. For Jay-Z and more, that person is Desiree Perez. Jay-Z considers having this no-nonsense lady in her team. She has been with him for more than 23 years now, during which time the artist and businessman has achieved immense growth, both in terms of talent and profits.  More to read on templeofthecave.com.

What makes her a prominent person in the entertainment industry is due to her tough negotiation skills. She is not one to back out even of the toughest negotiations. Her charisma and seriousness is something that you would want to have on your side, if you are an artiste or player. Perez will not only make you recognized, but will ensure that the recognition is positive and that it has a positive impact on your bank statements.

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Desiree Perez’ tough negotiation skills, is what made possible for her to arrange a world tour, for Beyonce, in the year 2016.   Check prettymanprettyman.com.   She then went on to help Rihanna get a deal with Samsung. But, this is just some of her accomplishments, which count themselves day by day.   To read timeline updates and blogs, visit Dez linkedin.com page.

As the wife of Roc Nation’s Juan Perez, and herself being an executive of the company, she is able to influence the life of their clients in so many ways. She is in charge of managing their reputation, which she does by integrating technology and making solid relations with fashion and management companies. Other than Roc Nation, Desiree Perez is on the management of the 40/40 club, owned by Jay-Z. The club is in New York and consists of a bar, lounge and sports club.  Check saltylens.com for more reading.

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Betsy DeVos is a Beacon of Hope for Hundreds of Thousands Children All Across the Country

In the eyes of many, Betsy DeVos has been a fortunate individual. Not only is she a successful business woman, education reformer, and bureaucrat, but her family also holds a substantial fortune that runs into the billions of dollars. Unlike many in her position, however, she has put a substantial portion of her fortune towards a noble cause – philanthropy. Through her various charitable works, Betsy DeVos has positively influenced the lives of thousands of children all across the country.Betsy DeVos has over the last two decades run the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. Founded in 1989 in conjunction with her husband Dick DeVos, the Foundation has been focused on changing communities by focusing on the areas of education, justice, and the arts. Being a staunch Christians themselves, Betsy and Dick DeVos have ensured have ensured that the Foundation has maintained a religious focus in its undertakings.

As a result, over the years, the Foundation has supported a lot of Christian schools and other conservative charity programs all across the country. A testament to the giving nature of the DeVos family, their charity has consistently being classed among the most efficient charities in the country. For example, in the financial year if 2015 alone, the foundation is estimated to have raised a figure of slightly more than $10 million. This brought their total contributions between 1989 and 2015 to a highly respectable figure of $100 million. Additionally, today Betsy DeVos is in one capacity or the other helping an estimated 250,000 children spread across a majority of the country access quality education.

Betsy DeVos has also undertaken a number of charitable acts directly without going through the foundation. Arguably the most significant education from of these direct contributions is that where she gave $22.5 million to the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts seven years ago. Additionally, she has also sponsored an art competition known as ArtPrize for the last eight years. With rewards standing at $500,000, the competition is one of the most attended in the country. In fact, the New York Times has previously named the annual Grand Rapids, Michigan competition as one of the top places to visit in the country.As a result of her many talents and philanthropic nature, Betsy DeVos sits on the boards of a number of organizations and institutions. Currently, she seats on the board of Kids Hope USA. She has also previously served on the board of the Foundation for Excellence in Education.

Top highlights on Deseree Perez

The rapper Jay Z is looking to start a new deal with Roc Nation. The deal prevails because its previous deal with live nation has come to an end. His time in the live nation involved a ten year deal of one hundred and fifty million dollars. Having marked an end to this deal, either he or live nation could buy stakes in Roc Nation and sell it to each other or just buy it completely. Even though the deal is ended, sources hint at live nation wanting to continue with the rapper’s touring deal. The source, however, state that live nation refutes the involvement of recorded music in the deal.

According to some music insider, there will be no extension of the rapper’s 360 deal. This is regardless of live nation’s action of buying into rights of artists or their music records. The live-events company no longer operates in purchasing of music records. The company, however, has had a great touring experience that was fruitful with Jay Z, says the insider.

On Wednesday, the rapper alongside his music entertainment company executive met the president of Universal Music Group. The two met Sir Lucian Grainge in California. This would be a beneficial move to Jay Z since he would gain access to more resources, this way. He can better create upcoming artists with the resources. Suspicions were ignited by this move claiming that Universal Music Group intends to purchase stakes in Roc Nation. With the distribution arrangement that exists between Roc Nation and Universal Music Group, a large investment by UMG would increase its small fraction in the business of artists to its great stake in artists of Roc Nation. Being that the relationship between the two companies has been great, they are likely to continue in business.  Check saltylens.com for related article.

Desiree Perez Bio

A producer widely known for her hand in Beyoncé and Jay Z’s tour in 2014 and Change in 2013, Desiree Perez is a famously tough negotiator. To learn more about Desiree, visit her linkedin.com page.  She was involved in negotiating the stadium for Beyoncé’s Formation tour. She also serves as Roc Nations Chief operating officer.  For updates on Desiree’s recent timeline activities, click crunchbase.com.

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She has had over two decades of working with the rapper Jay Z. Desiree also is great in SC enterprises administration. Desiree’s husband, Juan Perez runs the sports for Roc Nation

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Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho On Expanding His Business

Brazil boasts of several accomplished legal professionals. The country is growing, and hence the demand for legal professionals is growing too. People are highly excited about the changes taking place in the country right now. One of the best lawyers in country today is Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho. He can take care of all business needs. He has an impressive track record. He has achieved success as he helps others in moving on to the next level in their businesses. He likes to take that extra step in order to help customers with the legal needs.

A major issue with regard to the legal profession is that the cost of service is quite high. Even if the matter is relatively simple, the cost may still be quite high. But Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho has a successful business which is growing all the time. This is because he is a highly affordable lawyer. His aim is always to provide a good service to all his customers.

The future plans of Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho are to expand his legal business. Many people in this industry tend to look up to the success of this lawyer. He is only focused on providing value to all his customers. All the changes that are currently happening in this economy require the businesses to have a good lawyer on their side. After all, Brazil is a country that people like to live in. This is why a person like Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho can make things much easier when someone requires legal help.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is known for his performance in cases that are complex as well as of high value too. This is what has managed to create an excellent reputation for this. He is known to add value to various strategies in relevant cases. In addition, he is also a force to be recognized in the case of mass litigation, which is very common in Brazil. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho offers a mass action model. He puts it at the forefront of all his legal services in the following: http://latinlawyer.com/people/18900/ll250/13974/ricardo-tosto-de-oliveira-carvalho/ click here.

Desiree Perez Helps to Lead Roc Nation to Success

Jay-Z’s impressive $150 million deal with Live Nation is ending soon, and the mogul is meeting with other prominent figures in the music industry about investing in his Roc National recorded music business. In 2008, Jay-Z, whose real name is Shawn Carter, signed a 10-year deal with Live Nation.  Check this on pagesix.com.

Since the deal will be up next year, a buy-sell could result from the ending of the deal, which means that either Live Nation or Carter could either buy the company or sell their respective stakes to each other. According to sources, Live National hopes to continue its successful touring deal with Jay, but is no longer participating in the recorded music end of the agreement. One music insider also stated that Carter’s 360 deal with Live Nation will indeed end in 2018, and that the previous Live Nation deal bought into the rapper’s recorded music and rights. Live Nation is no longer in the business of purchasing recorded music. Artists who are under the Roc Nation label include Shakira, Rihanna, Meek Mill, Fat Joe, and of course, Jay-Z.   More to read on runninglip.com

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Desiree Perez, also known as Des Perez, is Jay-Z’s close business associate, and has helped him secure and maintain a number of lucrative deals. Perez has worked with Carter for about 20 years, and has an impressive track record running SC Enterprises. Perez is well known for crunching numbers, and she is a tough negotiator that helps to secure million dollar business deals. Perez is experience in publishing and labeling operations, which makes her a viable asset to Carter’s various companies and business ventures, including Tidal, Jay-Z’s new music streaming service. Click on igstars.com for more reading.  Des Perez also works with a collective that acts as the creative force behind Tidal. This group of professionals is known as the Hova Circle of Influence, and includes Jay Brown, Chaka Pilgrim, Ty Ty Smith and Jana Fleischman.  Related article on templeofthecave.com

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Bob Reina Guides Talk Fusion to 10+ Years of Success

Talk Fusion has become such an ingrained part of the digital workforce that most people take it for granted. However, it took a leap of faith from CEO and founder Bob Reina in order for the company to find the success that it is now embracing. Talk Fusion is one of the most prominent video marketing and communication solution companies son the internet today and it all almost never even existed. Learn more: http://www.phillypurge.com/2017/07/14/talk-fusions-bob-reina-releases-article-about-top-marketing-trends-of-2017/


Bob Reina had been working as a police officer for an off-clock gig when he was approached by someone who worked in the network marketing community. This was Reina’s first exposure to the concept and he calls it a pivotal moment, his ‘aha moment’. Reina learned then and there, and keep in mind this was 15+ years ago, that there was a path to becoming your own boss that could involve creating solutions to problems that people had. This moment would be the seed that would eventually blossom into the Talk Fusion company that we know of today.


Reina’s work has always been about providing solutions to marketing problems and he knows first-hand that these solutions actually matter. Reina had at one point in time been shopping for an email client that would allow him to directly embed videos for people to watch in their inbox. His thinking was that this would increase viewership (and he was right) however no client had that on offer. So he went ahead and made the Video Email application and that would become Talk Fusion’s leading marketing suite. Now, a decade later, people are still utilizing this application to reach out to potential customers and clients and make a difference in their businesses. Learn more: http://www.superbcrew.com/talk-fusion-delivers-award-winning-video-communication-products-and-video-marketing-solutions/


Still, Talk Fusion hasn’t rested on the laurels of a single piece of success. Reina never had a slow period with Talk Fusion and it was due in large part to his excitement and his ambition to always push the envelope and develop something new. Reina says, “We developed a game changing product at Talk Fusion, so our excitement instantly started making waves.” This, of course, has become the bedrock of Reina’s approach to business. Learn more: http://inspirery.com/bob-reina/

In pharmacology, one of the most important concepts that determine how and where a medicine can be used is what’s known as the therapeutic window. This denotes the range between which a drug has no noticeable clinical effect and, at the upper bound of do

In pharmacology, one of the most important concepts that determine how and where a medicine can be used is what’s known as the therapeutic window. This denotes the range between which a drug has no noticeable clinical effect and, at the upper bound of dosage, where the drug becomes potentially lethal and an overdose risk. The challenge of all drugmakers is to create a drug with the widest possible therapeutic window, so that dosages can be modulated according to the severity of the underlying condition, in a way which is safe enough to ensure the patient will not be at risk of serious adverse outcomes.

In fact, a wide therapeutic window is one of the main characteristics of most drugs that can be bought over the counter. This is due to the fact that these drugs have been deemed safe, by virtue of the fact that it is extremely difficult to overdose accidentally with their use. On the other hand, many other drugs have a much narrower therapeutic window. These tend to be the drugs that are available only through a prescription and bought at a pharmacy.

However, there is a class of even more dangerous drugs. These drugs have an extremely narrow therapeutic window. This means that they must be administered extremely carefully, because the amount which begins to cause clinically detectable effects is only ever so slightly less than the amount that causes a dangerous overdose. These drugs cannot even be bought with a prescription. They must be administered by either an anesthesiologist or other medical specialist.

One example of such a drug is the broad class of chemotherapies. The therapeutic window of chemotherapeutic agents tends to be extremely narrow. This means that they must be carefully administered by trained professionals, so as to avoid the accidental overdose or death of the patient.

Clay Siegall, the founder of Seattle Genetics, has set about to change this ongoing problem with chemotherapy. By creating a new class of drugs, called antibody drug conjugates, Dr. Siegall has been able to radically increase the size of the therapeutic window for chemotherapeutic agents, leading to far more effective treatments for cancer.