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Provided Property Reports Online for Better Services in Real Estate Industry

In recent years title defects have become a real issue in the property market. Most people feel like it is leading to wrong foreclosures as well as stagnation in the transition of assets in the market. Executives of Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. (NTC) says that only proper records of property can ensure a clear title transference and reduce the risk of buyback and wrong foreclose. Nationwide Title Clearing is a firm that leads in providing research and document processing for mortgages as well as the financial industry in general. They have developed a way in which the process of securing property reports is simplified through an updated website they launched that avails these reports online.

Most title defects occur when an individual or an entity claims a property that is already owned by someone else. Other factors that would lead to an invalid title include:

• Wording in the document that does not comply with real estate standards,
• Non-inclusion of a signature of a crucial party to the transaction,
• Previous encumbrances that are not yet removed from the title,
• Poor filing procedures during the recording of the real estate documents.

John Hillman, the CEO of NTC, says that everyone should address the issue of title defects before selling the property. To assist in the fast growing mortgage industry, NTC has developed the following online property reports.
• Assignment Verification Report Services
• Current Owner Report (O&E—Ownership & Encumbrance Report)
• Tax Status Report
• Tax Status (Plus) Report
Nationwide Title Clearing has provided a simple and fast process to secure property reports where Mr. Hillam says that their services are based on research done from actual land records and are available for residential property nationwide. NTC officials say that the process gives accurate reports for the intended purpose. They ensure that they understand well the result of the client need which they say has helped in their success.

About Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc.:
Nationwide Title Clearing is a firm located in Palm Harbor, Florida in the year 1991. It is a privately owned firm that provides research and document processing services to the residential mortgage industry. They lender their services to investors, servicers as well as lenders. NTC is known for the provision of accurate information in all their services to protect homeowners, assist mortgage banking industry and to maintain the nation’s land records. Their land records and documents experts are always able to track and fulfill all documents jurisdiction nationwide.

The company’s main services offered include property reports, land records research, assignment services, document tracking and retrieval, lien release services as well as other personalized business solutions. The firm’s ranking number in 2013 was 26, got listed in the Fast 50 Award list, and was ranked position 1900 on the 2013 Inc. 500/5000 list from 2,730 in 2012. Finally for putting Americans back to work they had been awarded Higher power award for the second consecutive years in 2013.

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Handy Knows The Importance Of Customer Satisfaction

A lot of businesses don’t realize that their customers are the heart and soul of their entire existence, so some companies will treat their customers poorly. The statistics show that if a customer is unsatisfied with service, they’ll tell up to 10 people, who will each tell 10 more people, which means that the business can eventually lose up to 100 people that would have been potential customers. Unfortunately, bad news travels faster than good news, so it’s always good for a company to treat their customers like gold. Handy is a company that’s determined to make every customer a priority.

Handy doesn’t just have great services that make their customers happy, they entitle their customers to good service or their money back. Many companies have a money back guarantee but will make every excuse not to give the money back when the customer states that they are unsatisfied. Even though Handy will refund a customer who hasn’t been satisfied with the service they’ve received, Handy hires workers that can do a great job to ensure customer satisfaction. Most customers who hire Handy for services will want their home cleaned.

A customer will set up an appointment by stating what kind of services (https://www.handy.com/services) they want and what rooms they want cleaned. The Handy employee will be on time to service the customer and will be very professional as well as getting the job done properly and in a timely manner. The customer is to go over the work that the employee has done to ensure that they are satisfied. If every visit to a customer’s home goes smoothly, then Handy is likely to get some praise as well as the worker, and the customer is likely to repeat their service in the future.

Since Handy lets their customers know that they are appreciated and are very important, many will choose Handy as the only company to clean their home. Another bonus is that Handy supplies all kinds of services that are beneficial for anyone with a home or even to those with a business. With the availability of moving services, painting services, cleaning services, assembly services, handyman services and more, Handy has everything that anyone needs when they want to spruce up their home or business at any time of the year. Become a Handy customer by signing up for an account on the website or application.


Scaling the heights of customer satisfaction; Securus gets accredited by BBB

Before business leaders such as Securus became part of providing services to the country’s correctional facilities, service delivery was way below the standard. However, after the company got the first contract to offer services such as screening, public safety, monitoring and even corrections, they haven’t looked back since. Their hard work has paid off because among the many other recognition and awards, they are now accredited by the better business bureau.

What it takes to get a BBB accreditation

Companies are supposed to invite the bureau to come and take a look at their activities if they need accreditation. The bureau then takes time and rates the business practices of the company without any interference whatsoever from the company itself. The criteria they use, and one which Securus satisfied includes among others, the following criteria.

  • Establishing trust with their business partners: when a company is accredited, it means that their partners are satisfied with the levels of trustworthiness in the company.
  • Advertising practices: companies that get accreditation are supposed to use positive advertising practices and steer clear of false advertisements.
  • Transparency: the business must be in a position to honor all the promises they make to their business partners and other associates.
  • When a business is entrusted with important and sensitive information, they must be in a position to safeguard this information.

The fact that Securus got an A+ from the BBB therefore shows clearly that they are doing business according to the recommended standards, maybe even a little better. They have about 1,300 partners and affiliates around the country, and all of them met these standards during the vetting.

When the CEO was speaking about the newest fete, he stated that he was glad to have been in charge when the scrutiny was done and the outcome was positive. He stated that even though industry competitors claim to have better services, they are clearly ahead of the pack in their field.


How Evolution Of Smooth Broke Through A Stagnant Industry

Evolution of Smooth is a beauty and cosmetic company that sells lip balm products, hand and body lotions and shaving creams. The staple product of Evolution of Smooth is its all natural lip balms. EOS ranks second in the United States in terms of number of lip balm sold per year. The company is a recent newcomer to the oral care sector. Yet, it has outpaced established companies like Chapstix and Blistex in sales.

How has Evolution Of Smooth, a new upstart in the beauty and oral care field, outpace and out-hustle companies like Chapstix and Blistex? The company has shaken up the lip balm aisle. It has created a new packaging for lip balms. This has immediately caught the attention of customers and brought a buzz in a market that was stagnant. The new spherical packaging is also easier to carry around in purses and actually easier to apply in most cases to your lips.

Another way that EOS lip balm has broken into the lip balm market is through its use of all natural and organic ingredients. Natural and organic products are seeing immense growth that is only expected to increase. By using all natural and organic ingredients for its lip balms and creams, Evolution Of Smooth is taking advantage of the growth in natural and organic products.

Evolution of smooth has also introduced the concept of flavored lip balms. Thanks to EOS you now have lips balms in flavors besides cherry or original. EOS has also created lip balms that make your lips shine and smooth them. This combines beauty and oral care together, which is a new concept.

Over a million units of EOS lip balm are now sold each week. That is a staggering sum that is only projected to increase as the global demand for lip balms is also slated to increase. You will find EOS lip balm and other products in stores such as Walgreens, Walmart and CVS Pharmacy. It can also be bought online thru eBay and ULTA. Visit the website, https://evolutionofsmooth.com/ for more information.

Why Magnises Is Right For You

Magnises is an exclusive social experience popping up in big cities throughout the country. It is a company that provides a social experience unlike any other. They boast exclusive discounts and special member only experiences. They exist to help busy young professionals let loose and make the most of their time off.

Magnises useses e a special black card similar to the American Express black card. This card is tied to your debit or credit card, and it can be used to obtain special discounts and access to some of the hotest clubs in town. Only members are provided with cards so their is an air of exclusivity you don’t get from other similar programs. This is a company, and an experience, designed for young professionals between age 21-35 on Twitter. Magnises members are a diverse group and are employed in finance, marketing, and fashion, to name a few.

In order to join you have to go to their website and complete an application. Once you have completed the application and are approved you have the privilege to pay good money for a unique experience. The membership fee is $257/year.

In addition to great deals and access to nightclubs, they also provide a personal conscierge service on en.wikipedia.org in the palm of you hand. The Magnises NOW app is your personal guide to what is happening in your city. It gives personalized recommendations on dining and nightlife experiences near you.

Magnises is a community of 12,000 members. If you live in a large city like New York, then there is a good chance you work crazy hours. With a budding career in finance or marketing, you may not have the time to pay attention to your social life. Cue Magnises. This company can fill the void you find yourself in on a rare evening off. In the fast pace workplace of today, worklife will trump personal life. The free time you do have is special and you certainly want to make the most of it.

If you are new to the city or struggle making friends, membership can be your greatest asset. The experiences are highly social and are open to other members in your exact demographic. This allows you to meet and network with other diverse professionals and also make new and lasting friends.

With discounts on unique experiences, and an exclusive membership base, you know you are getting the value of your membership in Magnises. You are going to be able to meet people you wouldn’t have otherwise met. This isn’t necessarily going to be used every night, but when you do you are sure to experience something awesome. This club will give you something to dress up for and look forward to.

The company is dedicated to you as a member. If this sounds interesting to you please visit their website and check them out. You will absolutely love the experiences waiting for you!

SEC Whistleblowers Get the Help they Need

SEC Whistleblowers Get the Help they Need

The people who want to come forward with information regarding things that are illegal and going on in the SEC are able to do so through the whistleblower program. This is a program that is designed to make sure that people can give the information without being retaliated against and it will also allow them to get a reward that they need in order to be motivated to come forward with information. People can get a taste of what it will be like if they look at the past rewards that were handed out by the SEC for valuable information.

It is a good idea for people to come forward with the information even if that means that they are telling on one of their superiors. The SEC values this information a lot and will likely grant a very large reward for good information that is handed out. They are able to give people different reward amounts depending on the information that they get. People will also be guaranteed to keep their job even if they do have to tell on their supervisor. This is called protection from retaliation that comes directly from a supervisor from the whistleblower program.

When someone decides to come forward, they will have the protection of the SEC but they should also consider getting the help of an attorney. An attorney will be able to represent them through every step of the process and will be able to help them get what they need out of the program. This is something that allows people to be able to get what they want out of the SEC whistleblower program and can make a major difference in the way that things are done for the people who are a part of the SEC.

The attorneys at Labaton Sucharow have worked with many other people who have decided to participate in the SEC whistleblower program. As a firm that used to be focused mainly in business law, they made the decision to switch to this once the SEC whistleblower program began. They knew that they would have the expertise that is required of them to make sure that they are able to help clients. They have even helped one of their clients get the second largest reward that has ever been handed out by the SEC which has been their biggest accomplishment in SEC law to this day.

What Are Natural Lip Balms

Women and men are concerned about the products that they apply to the body. Therefore, some people are very reluctant to apply products to their body that are not organic or natural. Consequently, there is a growing market for products that are purely natural or organic. What does natural mean? Well, generally natural products contain ingredients that are obtained from natural sources instead of harsh chemicals. The natural products might be obtained from an herbal plant, animal, or mineral sources. It is suggested that consumers always read the labels on the products to determine if they are natural products or contain harsh ingredients that might cause irritation.


Natural Lip Balms

Generally, natural lip balms contain natural ingredients that are the product of a source that is found in nature. The natural lip balms do not contain any chemicals that alter the product or change the purity of the product. Many believe the natural lip balms are much more soothing and nourishing to the lips and the best lip application alternative on the market today. Here is something to consider. EOS manufacturers a very high quality line of natural lip balms. In fact, they are one of the most popular lip balms on the market today. These products are available on popular retail stores and can also be found online through eBay and Ulta shop.


Evolution of Smooth

EOS or Evolution of Smooth lip balm is displayed in just about every cosmetic store or drug store across the country. The very novel egg shaped display attracts many new buyers on a continual basis. The company was founded by Sherry Jhawar, vice president, back in 2008. Certainly, the lip balms novelty container is responsible for its enormous popularity. Check out https://evolutionofsmooth.com/.


Health conscious individuals love the Evolution of Smooth’s natural products that include only healthy ingredients. Evolution of Smooth’s natural products includes a flavored lip balm packed with soothing nutrients like vitamin E, Shea butter, and jojoba oil.



The Price of Freedompop

One of the many famous quotes pertaining to life itself is “Nothing in life is free.” However, we have an up and coming company trying to challenge that phrase by claiming they can and will get you free data for your smartphones and other Wi-Fi using products. This company is Freedompop and they are out to deliver their customers this free data from their services and products. However, another famous phrase of life should come to mind having read those last two sentences. “If it’s too good to be true, then it probably is” has never been more relevant.

I’m not going to be reviewing a product that Freedompop released, rather this Freedompop review will be aimed directly at the company itself. Granted I will be looking at two products they made but only for the sake of relaying information of how the company works. The first of the two products I will examine is the Supernova 655, a 2.95 by 2.95 by 0.52 inches lozenge that has a maximum range of 75 feet, a battery life of almost 6 hours, and a weight of 2.82 ounces. Its portability is top notch, it can support 10 devices at once and it promises free internet, how could such a product not be flying off the shelves and selling like hotcake across the nation? That’s because the internet it provides isn’t free at all, it’s a low cost internet service that offers 1GB per $20. Furthermore, the device has no data monitoring on it at all meaning you won’t know if you’ve gone over your limit.

The other product is Freedompop’s Global 3-in-1 GSM sim kit, a product for smartphones that promises free data like the Supernova 655 does. The sim kit surprisingly does a better job of living up to its promise of free data than the Supernova does, however this requires some extra work in the form of having 10 active friends who all have the sim kit in their phones. In addition, there’s other work to be done ensuring you get your most out of the sim kit. The sim kit and the Supernova share the same directive of charging you $15 whenever you go over your data.

I personally wouldn’t recommend doing business with Freedompop as they have been reported to be very hard to get a hold of and their promises of free internet aren’t entirely true.

Learn more: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.freedompop.ott&hl=en

Geoffrey Cone Giving His Opinion On New Zealand Being a Tax Haven

New Zealand is one of the most transparent countries regarding finances. The country has gone through several changes to make sure that no entity evades taxes by abusing the laws of the state or the financial system. This is something that Geoffrey Cone testifies and proclaims. Geoffrey Cone is a respected tax and trust lawyer who has worked in his country and abroad. His expertise on the matter makes Cone’s opinion valid.

Geoffrey has always had a deep respect for his country. He graduated from the University of Otago in New Zealand where he received a few honors, congratulating his overall success. Many of his professors saw the potential in Geoffrey and knew that he was following a path that would eventually lead him to success. Geoffrey entered the tax law world and established himself as a worthy lawyer. Many people trust his judgment when it comes to tax details. This is also the reason why his opinion on the recent allegations regarding New Zealand are making rounds with the people interested in finances.

Cone now owns his own firm and has settled in Auckland, where he has provided excellent service to all those seeking both information or help with their taxes.

Cone is also giving his two cents regarding New Zealand. One aspect that makes the country not a tax haven is that it is transparent. The country has over 20 information exchange agreements to ensure that no one attempts to use the country as a tax haven. These agreements allow each country to exchange information regarding finances or taxes should it ever be necessary. The country also has 39 double tax agreements with different countries. The agreement is designed to prevent people from using New Zealand as a tax haven.

Cone wants people to pay attention to some of the steps that New Zealand has taken against this epidemic that plagues some of the wealthiest people in the world. Cone also points out that New Zealand has never been close to being put on the OECD list for tax havens. This list is the most comprehensive and trusted source for tax havens. Cone believes that knowing that New Zealand has never been on this list should show people that his country is not a tax haven.

Unveiling the Solvy Math Solution

Mathematics is often regarded as one of the most challenging courses. Over the years, stakeholders in the education sector have come up with numerous solutions to help students grasp the subject and SOLVY is one such solution.

According to an excerpt published inClasstechtips, SOLVY is a free homework program that targets students, teachers and schools. Teachers can use the platform to assign work to students based on their current needs. SOLVY is incredibly efficient and adaptive. Students who need assistance can easily send the teacher a notification alert.

Students can also interact with teachers using a graphic tool that reveals the problem solving techniques and underlying errors. The system is also designed to help maths teachers expend their time efficiently without interfering with traditional classroom learning.

The other benefit of using this highly integrated web learning tool is its ability to operate on different computing platforms. A new SOLVY solution for Algebra has also been availed. For this and more information, visit the SOLVY website.

About Alexei Beltyukov

Alexei Beltyukov is a well-known Russian entrepreneur and philanthropist with interests in investment banking, technology and education. The companies include Endemic Capital, SOLVY, Foro Energy and New Gas Technologies. According to his About.me page, Alexei established Endemic Capital in 2013 as an entity for supporting Russian startups.

He also established A-Ventures Ltd to help struggling Russian companies with financial needs as well as industrial concerns that require quick operational turnaround. The success Alexei has had in the business has seen him advise the Russian government on various issues including the economy.

Alexei Beltyukov latest venture is the interactive education website SOLVY that debuted in 2015. According to a PRNewswire release published in April 2015, the highly anticipated software was unveiled during the Educator Day at Los Angeles based EdSurge technology conference.

The participating parties included tech coordinators, teachers and education administrators. In terms of education, according Behance.net Alexei went to INSEAD School and graduated in 1997 with an MBA. In April 2010, he helped establish INSEAD Russian Alumni Scholarship, which aims to curb the brain drain problem in Russia and Ukraine.