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The Mighty Trabuco Of Ancient Times

The trebuchet, or Trabuco, was an ancient war machine originally designed and used by the ancient Chinese during siege warfare. In ancient times it was common for the defenders of a country and fortify themselves behind huge stone walls or inside of well-protected castles. These buildings were quite impenetrable, especially when you consider the absence of modern-day weaponry such as gunpowder or the ability to attack from the sky. A well-supplied fortification could normally stay self-contained for months, leaving the attackers to fight a war of attrition and receiving many casualties as a result. In order to remedy this, siege weapons, such as the Trabuco, were created to remove these fortifications.

The concept of the Trabuco is quite easy; you use built up momentum to hurl a large object into the fortified location and hope that it is powerful enough to topple it down. The first Trabuco used by the Chinese were traction Trabuco according to redetrabuco.com.br. These simple siege machines were operated by a small team of soldiers who used manpower to hurl the stone forward.

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The projectile was held in a leather strap attached to a long pole. This pole was connected to a heavy stand in order to plant it firmly to the ground. These archaic Trabuco were eventually replaced by more powerful counterbalance versions that required more operators were larger and could do a significant amount of damage to fortifications and their defenders.

Counterbalance Trabuco used an attached end weight to launch a large number of projectiles at once towards a target. These weapons were slow to load as a team of operators needed to place stones into a large net by hand. Once loaded the chief operator would pull a lever after surveying where the shot would land. Once pulled the barrage of stones would travel a considerable distance, striking the target and causing massive damage. The Trabuco was used until the invention of gunpowder, which officially labeled the siege weapon as being obsolete. Gunpowder devices were far more capable and damage inducing, required less time to load and less training.

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Getting to Know Adam Milstein

Adam Milstein is a real estate developer living in Encino, CA with his wife Gila. He has three daughters, one granddaughter and two grandsons. Adam normally hosts conversations regarding pertinent issues in the Jewish-American communities by inviting inspiring policymakers, elected officials, activists and artists.

Adam Milstein has been recognized as one of the top 25 Twitter activists and also features among the top 100 people with the most influence to the Israeli community in America. He has vehemently been opposing the agenda of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement and concurrently written about the effects of the movement to the Jewish-American communities, both in the U.S. and abroad.

In 1974, Adam Milstein got married to his wife Gila Elgrably before moving his family to America in 1981. He later on graduated with a second degree in business administration from the University of South Carolina. Together with his wife, Adam runs a foundation christened Adam and Gifa Milstein Family Foundation. With this foundation, they have helped many continuing students and young professionals to pursue their dream careers through education. The foundation majorly focuses on assisting deprived individuals with a Jewish background. Besides, he also sits in the board of other relevant institutions, including Hasbara Fellowships, Stand by Me, Birthright Israel, and the American Israel Public Affairs Committee National Council. Adam also co-founded one of the upcoming, most-influential Jewish organizations named Israeli-American Council.

In his career line, Adam has focused on acquiring, repositioning and rehabilitating industrial, office, retail and multi-family properties. He is also the managing partner at Hager Pacific Properties, where he oversees the depositing accounting and financing departments of the firm.

Adam Milstein hails from Israel, his birth country. However, his father only migrated to Israel in 1948 when the country was being founded. As such, Hillel Milstein was also part of the revolution and worked as a combat sailor during the independence war. Hillel Milstein later on became a real estate developer. His wife, Eva Milstein, worked as a homemaker. She also migrated to Israel in 1949. The two later on got married in 1950. Adam Milstein spent most of his early years at Kiryat Motzkin. Follo him at twiiter

Mark Mofid, Changing Perceptions In Plastic Surgery

San Diego plastic surgeon, Mark Mofid, has pioneered and innovated some of the latest methods in gluteal augmentation. Although this procedure is an aesthetic practice, Dr. Mark Mofid is looking to have conversations with his peers about the origins of the procedure and how it can be done is a safe manner. His goal is to alter the perception of his peers as they discuss research he has done and innovative procedures he has created.

Described as confident, conservative and contemplative in his approach to gluteal augmentation, Dr. Mark Mofid sets boundaries when working with patients. Bigger isn’t always better and the doctor doesn’t hesitate to disagree with patients who want to push the boundaries. He won’t use implants larger than 330cc and sub-facial placement is never an option. Dr. Mark Mofid won’t go beyond what he thinks will look appealing, even though his patients insist it will make them look better or increase their fame. The risks of trouble over time out weigh the patients desire to go bigger and more

When Mark Mofid started practicing the procedure of gluteal augmentation about eight years ago, he was not satisfied with the option of silicon implants on the shelves. Then the available implants were too large for inter-muscular placement. He used to spend hours before surgeries trying to carve implants to look more appealing for placement during surgery. All of this time and effort resulted in the doctor coming up with a new implant to be used in gluteal augmentation. He designed a low profile round implant that solved two of his major problems and looked more natural.

Mark Mofid, was educated at Harvard and Johns Hopkins. He then studied under Raul Gonzales, a plastic surgeon in Brazil who began preforming buttock surgeries in 1984. He considers Brazil to be leading the way when it comes to body contouring surgery. As popularity of gluteal augmentation grows in the United States expect to hear more from Dr. Mofid as he is sure to be leading the way and training others.

Doe Deere: A Business Icon

If you are a beauty junkie, you’ve probably heard of the popular makeup company called Lime Crime. But, did you know how it all came to be? The creator of the worldwide phenomenon has been wildly successful all because of her two true passion- expressing herself through color and cosmetics. Doe Deere is a force of nature, a major success story and someone you’d probably love to befriend!


It all started out as a creative outlet she truly enjoys, but her creativity stems back even further. Doe was born in Russia, and moved to New York as a teenager. She used to hand draw temporary tattoos and sell them in the streets of New York for extra cash. She was also a musician, alongside her husband in her early twenties. She always had creative talent and was determined to use it in her business life. Learn more: http://inspirery.com/doe-deere/


At the time, the desired look was no so bold and bright, but Doe had other needs when it came to her makeup palettes. She wanted to put her stamp on the cosmetics industry and really stand out from the rest. She created Lime Crime, which offered the most unique shades of lip and eye products and it was an overnight success. By creating something different from the norm, she was able to not only express herself and her true passion, but become a successful business icon.


On her Instagram, you can really see the type of person she is- fun, bold and unafraid to be herself. She exudes confidence and happiness and has become an internet inspiration to many, especially her “unicorns,” another word for her many fans. “The Queen of Unicorns” couldn’t be happier about the way her business has found success and how many people have been able to identify with being different and unique. It has always been about making others happy and able to self express. This is one reason why she is such an inspiration in both the business world and social media.


If you haven’t familiarized with Lime Crime yet, you will be absolutely impressed in this bold and bright line of fun cosmetics. Lip colors, eye colors and so much more will have you wanting to self express in no time!


Fabletics For All Women

There are a lot of places you may be looking for great clothing. Fabletics should be on your list of ones to check out. They may just have the clothing you want and need.


Fit for All

When Fabletics started out, they were using a subscription program that helped them become a household name. The subscription program is still something that happens now. You sign up and pick a style to get every month. That is all there is to it. You will then get clothing every month that will fit your style. Each outfit and style is tailored to fit different body types. This makes it easy for anyone to wear Fabletics clothing. The cuts are great for all looks and the fit is comfortable for anyone that wants something different.



A great thing about the Fabletics line is they are great quality and they give you some wonderful style for your clothing while you are exercising or are running errands. You can be sure to feel comfortable as well as look great with Fabletics and their line of clothing.


Online Store

The online store fits all women because it makes the clothing low cost and available for anyone to buy if they want. The online store makes it easy to get outfits sent to your address. The online store did so well, they started a few limited stores in larger cities. This made it that much more available to other women. The stores offer things that the online ones don’t. They allow you to try on your clothing and see things that are colorful without being concerned that the colors are not going to be what you thought they were.


There are a lot of things to think about when you are looking at clothing, but Fabletics may be a great one to look into. You will find they are fit for any woman and they give women an ability to feel good about themselves and the way they look. You should make sure you are getting the right style for your tastes and the right options for your needs. What are you waiting for? Get some Fabletics and see why they are so good for you.


Organo Gold Products Offer Unique Health Benefits

If you’re looking for a quality cup of coffee without all the unnecessary additives, chances are that you’ve heard of Organo Gold. Organo Gold is the manufacturer of organic coffees. Their products include all natural ingredients that aid in weight loss and weight management. These ingredients include grapeseed oil, Ganoderma lucidum, and others. Together, these powerful ingredients increase antioxidant levels and boost your immune system. They also have agents that can aid in the fight against cancer. The products are completely safe and can be taken every day to yield the benefits. Follow Organo Gold on Instagram.

Organo Gold was founded in 2008 and is now sold by distributors or through the official website. The distributors make it easy for consumers to get their hands on the product! Distributors are also very knowledgeable about all that Organo Gold has to offer and how their products can benefit those who take it. Organo Gold is available on eBay.

Organo Gold specializes in coffee. They sell a Gourmet Black Coffee and a King of Coffee product. Both have a smooth robust flavor which packs a powerful pick-me-up for whenever you’re feeling sluggish. Their King of Coffee is enhanced with the Ganoderma spore powder which has unique properties that stem from Chinese herbalism. These coffee products are perfect for those who are on the go. The instant coffee powder can be made quickly and it tastes as if it were from a gourmet shop. Organo Gold has branched further than just coffee, however. They also sell Cafe Latte, Cafe Mocha, Cafe Supreme, Hot Cocoa, and several varieties of tea. All of these products come with their own unique health benefits. Their green tea contains the highest amount of polyphenols antioxidants as well as Ganoderma lucidum. Their red tea is a light and refreshing tea which is perfect for athletes and anyone else that wants to reap the benefits.

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The Qualities of a Good Church and How Mighty Fortress Church Stacks Up

At any point in the faith, people are going to be looking for a good church to go to. However, it is important for people to figure out which church they visit is a good church. In order to find a good church, it is important for people to find out what makes a good church. There are many things that people look for in a church. If they find this quality or set of qualities in a church, then they are likely to brand this church as a good church. This is how they choose churches like Mighty Fortress Church. Follow Mighty Fortress Church on Linkedin.

Among the things that people look for when they try to find a church to go to is how welcoming it is. They also look for people who are nice and accepting of them as they are. They also look for churches that have a fun environment. However, one thing that people are to understand is that different people are going to look for different things in church. Even Mighty Fortress Church is not going to meet those needs. However, there is one very important factor in whether a church is good or not. A good church teaches the truth and does so with love. View Visit Yelp to write a review about Mighty Fortress Church.

Mighty Fortress Church is very truthful in its teachings. One of the reasons that it is so truthful is that it stays close to the Bible. It does not stray into false teachings based on the allure of the material. The teaching is the most important aspect of the church. After that is the relationship. If people are getting along with each other, then this can make the lifestyle at Mighty Fortress Church a bit more encouraging. When people go to church, the most important thing in their mind should be that the teachings are true to the teachings in the Bible.

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Aloha Construction Continues To Contribute to Growing Economy

Aloha Construction is blossoming. It is a company that is based in Lake Zurich. It offers construction services to Lake Zurich and the surrounding areas. It also offers home restoration and repair services through its Aloha Restoration branch. The construction industry is literally booming. The economy is doing pretty well too. More and more people are getting more jobs.

Aloha Construction started out as a small business. However, it has grown into a huge operation that has completed over eighteen thousand jobs. They have many employees. They are certainly benefiting the economy in Illinois. However, although Aloha Construction is now a large operation, it still sticks to the values of a small business that is owned by a family. They focus on providing great customer service by people who care about their customers and want them to be satisfied. They offer customized services. They continue offering high quality services and products.

Aloha Construction basically offers you everything you need when it comes to your home and roof. If something is broken, they will repair it for you. They can even renovate and remodel your home so that it looks like new. They can do your gutters and your windows for you. They can restore your home after it was damaged by a flood or by a storm.

The servicemen of Aloha are trained and licensed. They are also fully insured. Therefore, there is no risk involved. You only can gain by using Aloha Construction. Their friendly workers will make sure that you are involved in the process so that everything goes according to your wishes and tastes.

Aloha Construction is known to be punctual and on time. They will start your projects on the agreed upon time, and they will end it on time or even earlier. You will not have to deal with the frustrations of delays and a contractor who keeps pushing you off because they are busy with other projects. Aloha knows that your time is valuable. They also follow up with clients to get their feedback.

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OSI Industries: A Worldwide Leader In Custom Food Solutions

Custom food solutions are provided across a wide playing field. Schools, restaurants, supermarkets and other retailors depend on these valuable services. Just about any type of food can be produced to meet the demands of the consumers. OSI Industries just so happen to be a worldwide leader in this dynamic industry. The company has been around for more than 100 years, and it has worked with many of the most popular retailors. This includes KFC, McDonald’s, Yum, Burger King, Papa John’s Pizza, Pizza Hut and Subway.

Founded by German immigrant Otto Kolschowki in the early 1900s, the company used to be a small meat market in Oak Park, Illinois. At the time, the company was known as Otto & Sons, and it produced some of the freshest meats in the Chicagoland area. This was a family-owned and operated type of business in the beginning, but as of today, it has grown into one of the world’s leading food suppliers. There are over 20,000 employees that earn a good living here. The company has expanded so much to where it now has 65 facilities that span across 17 different countries. These are state-of-the-art facilities that do all of the developing, distribution and processing of the materials. You won’t find another food supplier with this much clout or ability. OSI Industries has set the precedent, and it has set new industry trends. So, what type of foods are produced? OSI Industries stands out even more because it provides a wide range of tasty treats. This includes:

• Panini
• Flatbread
• Pizza
• Soups
• Chili
• Cooked Sausage Links
• Beef Patties
• Onions
• Cucumbers
• Tomatoes
• Meatballs
• Pulled Pork
• And numerous others

This company can take the most complex food-blueprint and turn it into a reality. Clients are involved throughout the entire process. The company has unparalleled resources to get the job done right each and every time. OSI Industries is simply in a class of its own as well as being on another level of play.

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George Soros: Donating Billions to Charities

George Soros is the most successful investor in the history of the United States. Despite the wealth and influence that he is currently enjoying, his life as a child is very different. Living in Nazi-occupied Hungary as a Jew, George Soros had to endure every single day. He lives in constant fear, knowing that anytime, the Nazi army could arrest them and send them to concentration camps. George Soros and his family managed to survive one of the deadliest wars in the history of the world, and he decided to transfer to London to study. He took up a degree in Economics, and he worked several jobs to support his studies. After graduating, he decided to leave for the United States and decided to chase his American Dream. Living in the United States was not easy for George Soros, and he had to be creative to make it through the day. Applying what he learned from the university, George Soros started trading at the stock market and establishing his hedge fund. His fortune and wealth began to accumulate, and soon after, he became a billionaire. He continued to earn more and built his business empire, and as of 2017, his net worth is more than $26 billion.

Because of the horrific experiences that he had during his childhood, George Soros wanted to eliminate hatred and discrimination in society. He worked with liberal groups to promote a society where everyone is equal and has the right to do whatever they wanted. He established the Open Society Foundations and unified all of the liberal groups operating around the world. George Soros is already in his 80s, and he wanted his groups to mobilize so that his global agenda can be made into reality. Recently, it was reported that he had given around $18 billion of his wealth to Open Society Foundations. George Soros is serious about his plans on changing the society, and he is hoping that through the funds he provided, the groups which are under the Open Society Foundations would continue lobbying for a liberal society.

The Open Society Foundations has been helping the society since their establishment, and they have been focusing their work on Asia recently. One of the examples of the assistance that was provided by the Open Society Foundations is when they helped out the victims of political oppression in Nepal during the 2000s. There was a massive protest in the capital between the supporters of the king and those who are opposing him. The Nepalese military started to arrest those who are fighting the king and tortured them to death. The families of those who were falsely accused of initiating the rebellion asked for the help from Open Society Foundations, and they were given lawyers as a form of assistance. The perpetrators of the brutal tortures and executions were brought to the court and justice was served to the families. They thanked George Soros for helping them out, and Open Society Foundations stated that they would continue helping the oppressed and their capabilities widened because of the $18 billion fund given to them.

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